Lloyd Marks wears many hats – pediatric cardiologist, inventor of several patented medical devices, loving father, devoted husband, active philanthropist, and, perhaps most surprising, avid photographer. Almost all of Lloyd’s achievements have been shared with the world.


The “A Hundred Lives Through One Lens” collection by LLOYD MARKS AVAILABLE NOW!

His medical contributions have healed many bodies, his family’s warmth extends into his community, and his philanthropy has touched many souls. His photography, however, has remained mostly concealed, shared with only a few close friends and at a handful of local photography shows.


With over five decades of being behind the camera lens and traversing twenty countries, Lloyd has amassed an incredible collection of awe inspiring cultural beauty caught in still snapshots that includes a multitude of various subjects, from people to landscapes to aquatic creatures captured underwater.


For the first time, on an unprecedented scale, Lloyd has agreed to partner with xRAMnft to release a collection of 333 original photographs minted as NFTs. This collection is filled with charm, allure, and a nostalgic history, and is sure to delight and stir the senses in the way that art is meant to do.


Through the looking glass


Ever since I was a child sneaking into my father’s darkroom to peek at the photographs he was developing from his photography sessions, I was enamored with capturing life’s beauty through a camera lens. My life’s work has been dedicated to medicine and creating inventions, but photography was the passion that never died. My profession and my photography have been practiced side by side throughout my life, but while everyone knew about my career achievements, a few have seen my artistic side. 

 Five decades later, it is time to finally share my pictures with the world. I feel very vulnerable releasing my collection, but that’s how I know this is exactly what I should be doing. The French artist Paul Cézanne once said that “a work of art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t art at all”. “A Hundred Lives Through One Lens” is a collection of 333 images that have captured the feeling of my heart and soul and that I have captured in a snapshot. I invited your imagination to take a journey to explore what I have seen and create your own heartfelt meaning for these images.

Lloyd Marks

A Hundred Lives Through One Lens – By LLOYD MARKS
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