Do you have a full collection ready to be released?

Are you an artist with all the traditional skills and knowledge of composing artwork,
but lack the skills and knowledge of how to transition your artwork into the digital space?

Our team is equipped to launch your collection in the digital space with our full package of services:
from contract development to website building and design, including logo, branding material, and everything in between.

We launched the RAINDROPS
You can see the art and how we present the collection on xRAM,
and the full collection on OpenSea


We can offer the services in different forms.

We create and deploy your contract on the Ethereum blockchain, create a dapp,
so people can mint from it. You can put it on your own website, and then you can set up all the details yourself on OpenSea.


We take care of everything from contract, to website, to graphics for your Twitter + OpenSea.
This can include Logo, cover for Twitter, cover for OpenSea. We can add more graphics if you need it.

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